"Knowledge communication isn't just about reciting facts. It's about making facts come to life in a way that awakens people's curiosity. It's about helping people to grasp new information not only with their minds but with emotions."

STORYTELLING has always played a big part in Gareth’s life. He wrote his first play at the age of nine. For the last 30 years, Gareth has been working as a professional author and translator based in Germany. He has worked in both the English and German languages. Among others, Gareth has written for Macmillan Press in New York and RTL Television in Cologne.


Originally from Yorkshire, England, Gareth moved to Germany in 1992. He holds both British and German citizenship. During his long career, Gareth has worked as a novelist, a screenwriter, a playwright and a documentary maker. He’s also spent time as a creative producer on radio and a story editor on TV. For the last 20 years, Gareth has worked extensively as an author and translator in the related fields of audio tours and knowledge communication.

"Every object or site has its own particular secret. And it's the job of an audio tour writer to bring those secrets to life. At the heart of every successful audio tour lies a story that penetrates a visitor's imagination and makes them dream."

For Gareth, audio tour scripts are an underrated art form. By effectively employing a mix of content, sound effects and writing styles, audio tours are able to make works of art, historical artefacts, political contexts or tourist destinations come to life like no other medium. Thanks to Gareth’s experience in the fields of fiction, script editing, drama, comedy, radio and documentaries, he has the perfect background for both writing and conceptualising audio tours scripts.


For Gareth, working in the audio tour industry is a dream come true. He loves to learn and pass on new knowledge, and he always embraces each new museum, location or gallery project with the same sense of fascination and excitement! With their current expansion into virtual tours, outdoor trails and online apps, audio tours look set to become the favourite and most user-friendly information-portal of our age. To read a selection of some of the many pioneering audio tours that Gareth has been involved in, please check out his resume for knowledge communication here > RESUME

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